Saturday, December 19, 2015

Minecraft Birthday Party - Free Printables

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The nice thing about being a photographer, when it comes time to throw a birthday party, is knowing how to use photoshop to create printable décor! (newborn photographer in Albany, NY

For my son's sixth birthday he wanted a Minecraft party- what little boy doesn't, right?!  After scouring Pinterest and deciding what I wanted to do, I set to work creating what I would need. 

Enderman party favor bags

These bags were pretty easy to put together!  Just pick up some black bags from your local Party City (or similar store), print out the printable eyes I've created here, cut them out, and glue them onto the bags.  Click here to download the printable eyes.

TNT party favors
These were a little more work, but I thought they turned out nicely.  I ordered these 2 inch clear boxes off Amazon.  I took a piece of printer paper, cut the strips about an inch tall, folded them in four to make them fit inside the boxes, and wrote TNT on each side with a sharpie.  Then I taped it into the inside of the box and filled the box with red vines (which had to be cut to fit in the box).
Food Labels
Click here to download these food label tents.
Here's what those look like in use.
To download the free printable Minecraft invitations click here.


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